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Why choose Little Wolves muslin squares?

Machine washable
Made from soft bamboo viscose
Stylish patterns & prints
Friendly customer service

Shop 3 muslin squares for £18

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What are muslins?

Muslin squares are small cloths made from a finely woven, breathable fabric. The squares may look simple, but they're an essential item for any new parent (trust us).

Muslin squares are a parenting saviour in soft blanket form. Use them whilst feeding little wolf to mop up milk splashes or lay them over your shoulder whilst you're burping little wolf to protect your clothes. In short,  use a muslin square to mop up sick, spills, spit and saliva - basically all the lovely stuff little wolf sends your way.

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How big are Little Wolves small muslin cloths?

Our small muslin cloths are 60cm x 60cm, so they're actually quite big compared to other small muslin cloths on the market. Our large muslin squares are 120cm x 120cm, which is double the size of the smaller cloths, but both are big enough to snuggle your baby up in. We recommend the larger cloths as breastfeeding covers, pram covers and swaddle cloths, and then the smaller muslin cloths as burping cloths and dribble bibs.

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What are muslin squares used for?

The main uses for muslin cloths and squares are:

- Burping cloth

- Sick wipe

- Drool bib

- Clothing cover just in case little wolf decides to redecorate  - Breastfeeding cover to cover you up when you're feeding if you want to
- Sun block cover for your pram
- Extra light blanket to help cub sleep

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