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Baby Blankets

Super soft blankets in super stylish prints from £27.99. What's not to love? Oh, and there's FREE Delivery too.

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From snuggly safari prints to space-inspired styles, discover our best-selling baby blankets, or shop the full range below.

Your baby isn't boring.
So why should their stuff be?

At Little Wolves, we're pretty proud that our baby blankets offer three key things. Blankets that are soft yet durable. And prints with personality as vibrant as your little wolf's.

There's soft, and then there's super soft. As in smooth-as-a-baby's-bottom-without-the-threat-of-poo soft. And that's our baby blankets. They're made from a bamboo viscose and cotton blend, so they're soft and durable. Did we mention they look pretty good too?

When it comes to prints, we think the bigger and brighter, the better. Other brands do pink for girls and blue for boys. But we don't. All our baby blankets are unisex, bright and colourful. Because you can enjoy colour, fun prints and snuggly fabrics no matter what your gender.

FREE Delivery on all orders
Made from super soft bamboo viscose
Machine washable at 40 degrees
Vibrant colours and prints
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Shop all baby blankets from £27.99

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Why are your blankets made from bamboo viscose?

Bamboo viscose is a soft, lightweight material made from bamboo. Whilst it's a lightweight fabric, it also has a nice drape to it and is perfect for snuggling up with. To make the viscose, the bamboo is broken up and dissolved in a solution and then pressed into fibres. These fibres are then spun and woven into fabric. Bamboo viscose is a great fabric for baby items as the finely woven fabric is breathable. It's also a moisture-wicking fabric, which means it draws moisture away from the body, helping little wolf to stay cool whilst sleeping.

What do you do with baby blankets?

Baby blankets have so many uses beyond the obvious. Yes, our bamboo viscose blankets are soft and perfect for snuggling little wolf up to encourage them to [finally] go to sleep. But our baby blankets are also great for:

- A cover for the floor so little wolf has something soft to sit on
- A stylish throw for your sofa or nursery room chair
- A pram cover to block out the sun
- A picnic blanket
- A cover to protect your clothes from baby sick
- A cover to protect the sofa from baby sick
- A cover to hide baby barf when little wolf finally does manage to be sick on you.
And lots of other things.

Baby blankets are a versatile item and an essentail for new parents.

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