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About Little Wolves

Welcome to the pack.

Welcome to Little Wolves, where you’ll find modern baby accessories that make parenting that bit easier. 

Our products are practical, useful and look pretty good too.

We source practical, quality products
that make parenting that bit easier.

Like our super soft bamboo muslins (trust us, they’re really soft. And way softer than cotton). But they’re not just soft, they’re useful too. Like for the times when your baby is having the mother of all meltdowns in the middle of your favourite coffee shop and you really want to stay and finish your brownie, but the screaming has reached a whole new pitch that even Mariah Carey herself can’t reach - well, a super soft bamboo blanket might help calm things down (phew). Or when you need to whip your boob out on public transport but the bloke opposite you is giving you the eye, a stylish printed bamboo muslin might make you feel a bit more comfortable. And for the times when you need to pack literally everything but the kitchen sink into your bag just in case the nappy leaks, the baby does a runner, you run out of milk, cash, biscuits or tampons or there’s a zombie apocalypse - well, we’ve got just the backpack for that too. 

And it doesn't end there. Our product list is constantly growing to adapt to modern parenting needs - this month we launched a baby shoe range. 

In short, we offer three things. Fabrics that are durable, yet soft. Products that are practical, yet stylish. And prints that look so good, you kind of wish you could wear them yourself (and who says you can’t?). It’s simple really.

Our products are simple,
because parenting isn’t.

Parenting is bl**dy hard work, especially in today’s modern world. So, if you're a parent or guardian in today’s age, we salute you. And we want to help make things easier.

Our products are cute, because babies aren’t [always] cute.

There, we said it. Sometimes they poo on your favourite jumper, scratch you when they’re fidgeting or howl into unholy hours of the night. Yes, they’re cute. But bundles of joy? Please. Would a bundle of joy whack you round the head with their sippy cup because they wanted the red cup instead of the blue? We don't think so. We think babies are more like wolf cubs - cute, joyful, yet fierce and frightening when they want to be (especially when they fill their nappies with toxic fluids at a pace that seems humanly impossible). But you know what? Parenting comes with both cute and crazy, and we wouldn't have it any other way. 

So, here’s to you; the leaders of the pack. The ones who are changing the status quo as they change nappies. The ones who juggle and struggle, but never give up. The ones who sing baby shark with unmatched enthusiasm for the 1000th time that day, instead of scratching their eyes out (yeah, especially you guys). The ones with the power to change the world, one wolf at a time. 

Whether you’re a mum, dad, gran, friend, teacher or neighbour, if you’re shaping a life then you’re all part of the pack. And we’re happy to have you here.

We hope our products will bring you a smile. Or even better, help make parenting that bit easier. But take it from us - you're doing great.