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What are muslin squares used for? 20 muslin cloth uses new parents need to know

Pictured: our large muslin cloth in oranges print

Before you had your little wolf, you'd probably never heard of muslin cloths. But trust us when we say they’re your parenting saviour in soft blanket form. Whether your little wolf is in need of a picnic blanket on a sunny day or is having the mother of all tantrums in the supermarket and needs something to comfort them, there's pretty much nothing these soft blanket saviours can't handle. 

25 uses for muslin squares:

1. Sick wipes. Babies sick ALOT.  You might be blessed with a baby that doesn't (we lucked out second time around) or you could be blessed with a tiny straight out of The Exorcist. If it's the latter, then you definitely need a fair few muslin cloths lying around to mop up that vom. A handy tip: keep a stash both upstairs, downstairs and definitely some by your bed.

2. Milk wipes.  OK linked to number 1, even if you do have a not-so-sicky baby, slurping milk all the time is messy work. Muslin cloths make excellent bibs when wrapped around your little one to protect clothes, or perfect wipes for post-bottle milk beards.

3. Burping cover.  This is probably the most well-known use for a muslin cloth - simply drape the cloth over your shoulder, your legs, your sofa or anywhere you burp little wolf to catch anything that comes up.

Pictured: our flying animal print large muslin cloth

4. Breastfeeding cover. Now we strongly don't agree with covering up whilst feeding if you don't want to, but sometimes you might chose to have an extra bit of privacy when feeding your bub.  Muslins cloths and muslin squares are perfect for whipping over yourself when feeding.  Our little wolf normally likes having a nosey whilst he's having a feed and bounces off the nip to have a good look around the room, so covering his face with a muslin cloth also reduced the distraction for him too.

5. A feeding soother. We weren't quite prepared for just how painful it was for milk to come in. If like us your boobs feel like they want to burst, then an iced up muslin square might offer some relief. Fold it into a thin rectangle and pop in the freezer, you can then mould it round your boob for some soothing relief ahhhh.

6. A feeding cloth. Still on the subject of feeding, boobs can leak ALOT. Sometimes if your little wolf is feeding on one side, it might trigger a waterfall leak from the other side. If you want to avoid it looking like someone's poured a jug of water over your top, then sticking a muslin cloth under your top will help catch that surplus milk.

7. A teething soother.  Babies like to chew when they teeth and muslin squares are perfectly chewable, especially if you pop them in the freezer freezer so they're nice and chilled for little bub.

8. A make-shift changing mat. Changing a baby bum in the middle of nowhere is a bit of a nightmare, especially when a poonami strikes (they're real and they can catch you off guard). If your little delight decides to explode whilst you're out and about, then a muslin cloth makes a perfect protector to change that bum, safe from stinging nettles and other small beasties.

9. A furniture cover. If you're changing a bum at home, then a muslin cloth on the changing mat can take away the chill of that cold plastic, or it can protect your sheets in case little wolf decides to wee once the nappy is whipped off.

10. An alternative to baby wipes. Babies can have super sensitive skin, so  we liked to use water and cotton wool instead of wipes in those first early days. A muslin cloth is perfect for patting that tiny toosh dry.

11. A light blanket or sheet. Large muslin cloths are nice and big and make the perfect light sheet or blanket for your sleeping tiny, especially in the summer months. Muslin is moisture-wicking, so it draws moisture away from the skin, so your tiny bub won't overheat at night.

12. A swaddle. If your baby is struggling to settle and likes to be wrapped up, then you might chose to swaddle your baby. For this you will need one of the larger muslin cloths rather than a smaller muslin square, and make sure you check out the NHS website and the Lulluby Trust for safe methods to swaddle, or speak to your Health Visitor.

Pictured: our flying animal print large muslin cloth

13. A sun shade.  Avoid buying a parasol for the pram and keep a muslin cloth on hand instead. Muslin cloths can be attached easily to pushchairs to block out the sun, just make sure air can flow through. Check out our handy clasps here for easily fixing muslin cloths to pushchairs.

14. A picnic blanket. Impromptu picnic in the park, or much needed walk during lockdown might call for somewhere nice and dry to sit. Your bum needs protecting from the elements too! Whip out your muslin cloth to cover the bench or grass for no wet bums.

15. A wash cloth.  Muslin squares make a perfect light wash cloth to cleanse delicate bub skin. They easily wring and the fibre is strong.

Pictured: large giraffe muslin cloth


16. A comforter. Little wolf might like something seriously soft to help them sleep, so muslin cloths make a perfect comforter. They are easy for little fingers to grasp and rub against their little cheeks. 

17. Weaning bibs.  When weaning in the house we like to use a full cover waterproof weaning bib, check out our range here, but when out and about a small muslin square does nicely to catch some of the crumbs and baby puree spit.

18. Table wipe. Anyone with a toddler knows they make so much bloody mess, be it knocking drinks or just generally good goo all over their tiny hands, so a muslin cloth is a perfect wipe down for tables and little fingers alike.

Pictured: large polar bear muslin cloth

19. A toy. Yep, you heard us. Muslin cloths are great for games. Use it as a peekaboo cover, superhero cape or den wall.

And finally for mum...

20. A face wash cloth. We still like to feel like us and not just mum.  After a long day muslin cloths make great wash cloths to remove makeup or simply cleanse the skin, and can be thrown in the wash with the many muslin cloths for Little Wolf!! 

Are there any uses we've missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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